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Stage 148 – Tobolovo to Borovoe

Lumpy, generally downhill, and with a sting in the tail. Welcome to stage 148. It boasts a fifteen mile forested mid section, albeit with a brief bit of unforested respite at fourteen miles, but this is basically another stage with no flat roads, but then not too much climbing either. It’s a stage in which to either get some recovery, or burn your legs at the front of the train.

The rollout just north of Tobolovskoye on the E22/P402 heads south east for fourteen miles and lumpy flat for the first five miles of that. Miles five to fourteen certainly have a more downward feel to them, but the descents are interspersed with regular ascents, so even though do you actually drop a hundred feet overall, you probably descend twice that because you keep gaining some of it back, again and again.

The descent initially bottoms out at Bol’sheudalovo at the crossing of the Cheremshanka river before a quick up and down takes you back to cross more water, a tributary into the Karasul’ river, just before the left hander that swings you east north east just after thirteen miles. At that corner, a road heads off south west to Dymkovskoye and soon after, at seventeen miles, a double junction sees two roads heading south to Strekhninsskoye, and beyond that, Ishim, which is the largest town anywhere near the stage.

Miles fifteen to seventeen are uphill, but the climb isn’t that severe as the road only goes up thirty feet. From seventeen miles, the road drops down to the junction to Bokarevka in the north, then it’s lumpy flat for a couple of miles to Borovskoye where the biggest and arguably the longest climb of the stage begins. There’s brief respite at twenty three miles where the road hangs a right, but then there’s another sharp uptick before the highway eventually descends to the finish approaching the forest three miles to the east of Borovskoye.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 272 feet / 83 metres

RGT Magic Road: C4GIpYUJzKzq

Total distance: 24.97 mi
Max elevation: 365 ft
Min elevation: 243 ft
Total climbing: 272 ft
Total descent: -359 ft

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