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Stage 143 – Progress to Rechnoi

Progress to Rechnoi is a bit of a beast. When you ride it on RGT, you’re likely to see a lot of red. In preparing this preview, I can see no less than five climbs that will decimate the peleton, and even though the last couple of miles are largely downhill, the damage will have been done by then.

As stages go, it’s straightish, except for a long right hander at hander at halfway that sets up a left right combo in the run to the finish. The stage runs south east then east for much of its course, ending within about fifty miles of the border between Russia and Kazakhstan.

The main feature of the rollout is that it’s lumpy and downhill. The descent bottoms out at five miles where the road crosses the Tobol river at Pamyatninskoye, although Yalutorovsk a couple of miles to the north might be considered a bigger landmark on the map.

The road follows the railway line for much of the stage and crosses it at Zavodoukovskiy Rayon at seventeen miles. By then the highway is also running close by the Uk river and that inevitably means climbs and descents aplenty. Over the course of the stage, there are significant climbs starting at five miles, nine miles, thirteen miles, eighteen miles and twenty miles.

After Zavodoukovskiy Rayon, the road remains completely straight for four miles, cresting the highest elevation of the day at twenty two miles as it passes by Padun. That’s followed by a gentle right hander in the forest where roads head north and south from the main highway. After the junction, it’s straight and uphill for a mile before the road dives downhill for the final half mile dash to the finish.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 994 feet / 303 metres

RGT Magic Road: I3lNC8TQuuig

Total distance: 24.46 mi
Max elevation: 593 ft
Min elevation: 316 ft
Total climbing: 995 ft
Total descent: -1038 ft

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