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Stage 140 – Tugulym to Gusevo

This is the second of three relatively calm stages before the climbing kicks off again, albeit temporarily. At only two hundred and thirty three feet of climbing, its the flattest of the past eighteen stages.

The rollout from Tugulym is downhill for four miles and that can only mean one thing: water! There’s a wee uphill lump as the road enters the forest on the edge of town after half a mile but it’s nothing to trouble the scorers. The river crossing – the Ayba river – is just after a right hander at Koloboa. There’s a sharp climb away from the water that will get the blood pumping for a mile, then you’re into a long eight mile straight that runs alongside the northern edge of the forest. The road passes by the junction to Luchinkino at the top of the climb, then it’s downhill past the junction to Karmak to the north and Mostovshchiki to the south. The latter junction is immediately before a left hander where the E22 highway crosses the Malyy Karmak river at Mal’tsevo. That also marks the federal boundary between Sverdlovsk Oblast and Tyumen Oblast in the Russian Federation.

The left hander’s followed by a short uphill straight to a right hander at Uspenskoye, and it’s that bend that leads you into the final ten mile straight to the finish. Although I’ve labelled it a straight, there’s actually a gentle left handedness to the final couple of hundred metres, which may obscure the finish line as you start the final sprint having passes by Perevalovskoye on the run-in. The finish itself is about ten miles to the west of Tyumen, which will feature in stage 141. Apert from climbing away from the rivers, there’s not much else on offer by way of ascent so it’s a good idea to just enjoy this stage for what it is: respite.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 233 feet / 71 metres

RGT Magic Road: moUScNCW7eP3

Total distance: 24.48 mi
Max elevation: 794 ft
Min elevation: 685 ft
Total climbing: 232 ft
Total descent: -319 ft

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