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Stage 138 – Chupino to Pervukhina

Lumpy but flattishly uphill for seven miles, gently downhill for next six miles then big lumpy up and down leading into a five mile climb that precedes a 200m downhill sprint to the line. That’s stage 138.

The rollout crosses the Rechelga river almost immediately, hence the descent out of the pen. That precedes a three mile long left hander which then kicks right to cross the Kuyar river at four miles as the road passes by the junction to Ososkova to the south.

A long left hander then leads into a seven mile stretch of road that looks straight but it isn’t. It’s actually a seven mile right hander that just keeps going ever so more gently right: and it’s on a gentle descent virtually the whole way, bottoming out to cross the Yurmych river at Gorbunovskoye at the yellow kite.

You should already be familiar with the terrain away from a river by now: the road rises sharply to Sugat at fourteen miles. That precedes another descent to cross the Shadrukha river at fifteen miles: it feeds into Lake Sugatka north of the highway. There’s then an up and down to cross first the Nazarika river then the Ramyl’ river either side of twenty miles. Away from the second crossing and past Chupina to the north, the long climb kicks in to the finish: it’s only a hundred feet over five miles, but with a bit of respite thrown in by way of a short descent at twenty two miles, it makes the rest of the climb that bit more challenging: it may only be a hundred feet overall, but because of the respite, it’s probably nearer two hundred feet in the end.

The road straightens out at a right hander where a junction leads to Komsomol’skiy to the north just before twenty three miles, then it’s a straight two mile run to the line, all of which is uphill apart from the final sprint.

It’s nice to get a stage under your belt where you’re not climbing big stuff over and over again: this was that stage: and there are more to follow in the coming stages. Enjoy the ride while you can because it isn’t going to last.

Distance: 25 miles / 40 kilometres

Ascent: 299 feet / 91 metres

RGT Magic Road: jzFydNvSBpjo

Total distance: 24.41 mi
Max elevation: 942 ft
Min elevation: 850 ft
Total climbing: 298 ft
Total descent: -291 ft

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