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Stage 133 – Yekaterinburg to Beloyarskiy

Stage 133’s another of those beasts with no flat road: and some of the hills are not even little ones: and they just keep on coming. I counted fifteen, some long, some short, some steep, some less so. With over a thousand feet of climbing to offer, this stage will certainly test your pain threshold.

The rollout is around the outer ring road of Yekaterinburg, heading anticlockwise from the eight o’clock position to somewhere around three o’clock. Then the E22 leaves town and heads south east for the rest of the stage.

The first couple of hundred metres are slightly downhill before a slight rise precedes a steep one mile descent. The road then undulates up and down before descending to cross the Istok river at six miles, having followed the course of the river along a flat flat for a mile or so before that.

Away from the river, the road rises steeply to the junction with the Yegorshinskiy highway as the point where the E22 leaves the ring road. That’s followed by a couple of sharp up and downs and the road first passes by the suburb of Siniye Kamni before diving steeply downhill to cross the Aramilka river at fourteen miles. The steeply undulating climb that follows will test your pain threshold for three miles, albeit that a couple of short respite descents will allow for a brief recovery.

The summit at eighteen miles is merely the precursor to another descent to cross the Bobrovka river at twenty miles, and that kicks off the final testing four climb climb to the finish on the edge of the forest just south of Beloyarskiy. The finishing straight is just around a left hander where the E22 becomes the P351 after an intersection where our route takes the left fork.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 1047 feet / 319 metres

RGT Magic Road: O5NJV6T2HJ9d

Total distance: 23.47 mi
Max elevation: 1464 ft
Min elevation: 1243 ft
Total climbing: 1048 ft
Total descent: -989 ft

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