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Stage 126 – Nevolino to Sabarka

This is an uphill stage. There, I’ve said it. There is nothing in these 22 miles (35km) that will give you any sense of comfort, except for the rollout, thirty seconds of descent at five miles and the run to the line.

The rollout from Nevolinskoye runs straight downhill to cross the Iren river before you’ve had a chance to catch your breath: then you’re straight into the sharpest ascent of the stage, albeit that it flattens out by three miles. The descent down to Goldyrevskoye near to the Kungur river at six miles is basically that for the fun side of the stage.

There then follows a sixteen mile climb (sixteen miles!) to the junction at the southern end of the town of Sabarka: there are two junctions to the town: the stage passes by the first and crests the highest elevation of the stage at the second: that’s at the final right hand bend that leads into the finishing straight. Actually I fibbed about the whole stage being uphill because the long hill peaks just half a mile from the finish, so you get to hit the gas (if you’ve got any left) on the sprint to the line.

This has been the penultimate stage in the Perm Kral Republic: after stage 127 the journey will be spending a whole bunch of time in Sverdlovsk Oblast and all that it has to offer (more climbing basically).

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 984 feet / 300 metres

RGT Magic Road: GHpWe6KjNRi3

Total distance: 22.02 mi
Max elevation: 1067 ft
Min elevation: 484 ft
Total climbing: 985 ft
Total descent: -579 ft

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