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Stage 125 – Baibolovka to Nevolino

As we continue heading south east towards the border with Kazakhstan (which we don’t actually cross, by the way), you’re left to engage another stage of big lumps. At over 800 feet of ascent, it’s the start of the next bunch of mountain stages.

The rollout is initially uphill before the road dives sharply downhill to cross the Kuva river after a mile and a half. That’s followed by a steeper ascent which tops out in the middle of a forest. After the summit, there’s a wee lumpy down and up before a long descent drops you down to cross the Yumysh river at Shavkunovo after nine miles.

The road follows the course of the river to Yergachinskoye where a steep 200 foot ascent takes you to the yellow kite. From there, the road drops down to cross the Tatarka river at Shadeyskoye. A wee lumpy up and down then delivers you to another forested section of the E22 highway. The forest is a five mile climb, steep at first but becoming less steep as the road approaches Polevaya at twenty miles. Then thankfully, it’s a mad two mile descent down to the finish at Nevolinskoye.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 833 feet / 254 metres

RGT Magic Road: ngl6HlesYpO3

Total distance: 22.03 mi
Max elevation: 778 ft
Min elevation: 490 ft
Total climbing: 833 ft
Total descent: -958 ft
Download file: Stage 125 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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