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Stage 123 – Nagornaya to Nestiukovo

Stage 123 is one of a handful of stages that offer some respite from the incessant climbing of recent stages. Any stage that offers less climbing than the average to date (which stands at 580ft / 177m per stage to the end of stage 122) is to be welcomed.

The rollout from Nagornaya dives straight into the forest on a four mile ascent. It’s nothing majorly steep, just uphill. The road drops back down as it runs alongside the railway line at Kirova at five miles before an altogether steeper ascent kicks in at six miles. That’s followed by another dive downhill to cross the Kama river before the next climb takes you up to Kondratovskoye at eight miles.

After that it’s another lumpy ascent, the longest of the stage, which is intermittently punctuated by short sharp ascents and descents: but the bottom line is the the road from eleven miles to nineteen miles is predominantly uphill. That climb tops out at Ustinovo where a nice descent drops you down to join the P242 heading south from Perm.

You hang a right at the junction then it’s a long right hander uphill all the way to the finish at Nestiukovo. The final mile rises seventy feet so it’s best not to burn all of your matches before you get there.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 413 feet / 126 metres

RGT Magic Road: onSZbhsKrcJB

Total distance: 22.06 mi
Max elevation: 498 ft
Min elevation: 372 ft
Total climbing: 411 ft
Total descent: -286 ft
Download file: Stage 123 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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