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Stage 122 – Savinyata to Nagornaya

After the last few stages, you deserve this. A fast downhill start with only a wee lumpy bit to distract you at seven miles, and another a mile from the finish, this is a stage that will fly by at speed.

The rollout west of Savinyata is from the top of the climb that brought stage 121 to a close. The descent is fast and furious and even through the road flattens out by the time you actually reach the town itself, crossing the Mogil’myy Ruchey riveras it does so, the pace will still be high.

Out of the town, you enter a long, six mile straight. It crosses the Syuz’va river at six miles and the much wider Las’Va river at seven miles before a sharp rise soon after takes account of a third of the day’s climbing: but it’s only fifty feet in just half a mile.

The road trundles on, lumpy flat, passing by Ust’Syny and Kuznetsy to a right hander at Konets-Bor at the yellow kite. and the road continues on flat round the corner before arriving at a Y junction. The right fork takes you to Krasnokamsk which sits on the northern edge of the Kama river: but you take the left fork and continue following the line of the M7 Volga highway as it skirts around the northern edge of the time: a by-pass in effect.

There’s a ninety degree long right hander at Druzhba at seventeen miles and the road remains pretty straight until a right/left combo takes you onto a straight that climbs forty feet before dropping back down to the crossing of the Las’va river just before the finish.

A relatively easy day after recent struggles, but you’re not quite done with the climb yet: this was just a rest day.

Distance: 22 miles / 35 kilometres

Ascent: 174 feet / 53 metres

RGT Magic Road: cThhjfJUIhBv

Total distance: 22.04 mi
Max elevation: 645 ft
Min elevation: 353 ft
Total climbing: 174 ft
Total descent: -433 ft
Download file: Stage 122 - Around The World In 800 Days.gpx

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