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Stage 114 – Malopurginskiy to Izhevsk

You’ve arrived at stage 114 with the average ascent to date running at 553ft. The fact that this stage offers 545ft of climbing makes this sound like a pretty average stage, although I’m sure it won’t feel like it: there are four climbs and each one offers a real test, even if they are indeed shorter than the ones of late.

The rollout is downhill for the first three miles, save for a small bump halfway. Then the road starts climbing, gently at first, from Yuski, then more steeply at it approaches Sovkhoznoye at six miles. The four mile descent that follows eventually hangs a right off the M77 highway to Kamenskoye, but before reaching the town, the road crosses the Izh river at ten miles. From there it climbs steeply up through the forest past Zarya-Kamennoye before taking a sharp left at Kamenskoye. That marks a descent down to the Chul’temka river at sixteen miles before a shorter but no less severe climb takes you to Medverevo at sixteen miles. You then dive down a second time to recross the Izh at Metallurg.

The road’s then flat but lumpy for three miles before a third crossing of the Izh heralds heralds a one miles 150ft climb up to Izhevsk before a mad dash takes you down to Lake Izhevskiy at twenty three miles. But you’re not yet done with the climbing because the final half a mile is the sting in the tale of the stage as the road climbs away from the lake.

There’s significantly less climbing than of late, for sure, but it might not feel like it by the end of the stage.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 945 feet / 288 metres

RGT Magic Road: HfRnNGZcjbWG

Total distance: 23.5 mi
Max elevation: 546 ft
Min elevation: 292 ft
Total climbing: 946 ft
Total descent: -834 ft

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