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Stage 113 – Akarshur to Malopurginskiy

113 is another stage that packs a real punch in terms of climbing challenges. Three river crossings means three serious climbs, the combined effect of which is to leave you no option but to climb almost a thousand feet for the second stage running.

The rollout from Akarshur, which is initially downhill takes you briefly back into Tatarstan from the Republic of Udmurt at halfway, before re-crossing back into the latter for the remainder of the stage.

Although there’s a short tester of a climb after just a mile, the first five miles are largely downhill. Bob’ya-Uchinskoye after five miles marks the start of a three mile climb that starts off quite gently before winding itself up just before the crest at Ii’inskoy at eight miles. Then the road dives down to cross the Rogovaya river at ten miles: That crossing is followed by a short brute of a climb: over a hundred feet in just half a mile. After a short respite the road climbs again to the Tatarstan border at the yellow kite: two hundred and fifty feet gained in two miles.

The M7 then dives steeply downhill to cross the Granshur river near to Lake Agryzka. Another steep ascent follows: three hundred feet in just a mile and a half. That one crests at the highest elevation of the day at Zangari at fifteen miles. The descent off that summit is interrupted briefly by a wee tester at sixteen miles but then it’s all the way down to the lowest elevation of the day to cross the Ludzinka river at twenty miles, and that in turns kicks off the final big climb of the day, a hundred and fifty feet in a little over a mile to the start of the long finishing straight just before Pugachevo. After that it remains flat for a mile off the top before a sharp descent drops you down a mile to the finish line itself.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 994 feet / 303 metres

RGT Magic Road: GcNQKJOCnxbK

Total distance: 23.52 mi
Max elevation: 594 ft
Min elevation: 285 ft
Total climbing: 993 ft
Total descent: -1068 ft

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