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Stage 110 – Bol’shaya to Staraya

The giant Nizhnekamsk reservoir sits between the end of stage 109 and the east where you are heading: so stage 110 starts the long journey around it by heading north east for most of the stage in order to skirt around its northern side.

The rollout from Bol’shekachkinskoye is initially east and uphill as the M77 passes by the intersection to Yelabuga in the south. The junction marks the top of the climb and then the road stays flat for a couple of miles before dipping down to a right hander: round the corner the road splits and you take the road to the left and north rather than heading on south to cross the reservoir at its narrow western end. The rest of the stage heads north east in a meandering, undulating trip to Kamayevskoye.

The undulations are frequent and testing: peaks come at miles five, eight, eleven, fourteen, seventeen, twenty and finally twenty three. Troughs come at four, seven, ten, sixteen, eighteen and twenty one. The cause of these undulations? Rivers! The Toyma, the Munayka, the Yurashka and the Vozzhayka all feed into the Nizhnekamsk reservoir on its north western side and all have to be crossed on this stage.

The end of the stage is interesting because as you crest the final climb, you cross from the Republic of Tatarstan into the Udmurt Republic. The finish line is just over the border on a downslope.

Distance: 23 miles / 37 kilometres

Ascent: 866 feet / 264 metres

RGT Magic Road: JIpl1hUQDKYH

Total distance: 23.05 mi
Max elevation: 522 ft
Min elevation: 256 ft
Total climbing: 867 ft
Total descent: -955 ft

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