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Stage 106 – Shali to Bol’shie Nyrsi

When the road goes skywards, you’ve little choice but to follow and endure the pain. But stage 106 isn’t one of those stages. 106 offers respite if it’s an easy day you’re after: or it’s a chance to get the hammer down and bag a fast one if your legs are feeling strong, for this stage has only 95 feet / 29 metres of climbing end to end.

Rolling out from Neptun, the Volga highway takes a long right hander around Lake Oshnyak before straightening briefly on approach to Iksuar at six miles. All of those first six miles are gently downhill.

The M77 then does a long shimmy left, right, left as it climbs to Dubrovka at eleven miles. Although it’s labelled as a climb, thirty five feet of ascent in five miles is hardly taxing. That’s followed by a flat couple of miles to Grigor’yevka where a second gentle descent begins. The road skirts by and through the forest before it crosses a stream at nineteen miles.

That’s the last of the descending for the stage because as you enter the long right hander that delivers you to the finish, the road begins to creep uphill again. But it’s only a twenty foot climb over four miles so you can effectively keep the hammer down if that’s what you’ve been doing on the rest of the stage.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 95 feet / 29 metres

RGT Magic Road: R0uTug6jI7gr

Total distance: 23.44 mi
Max elevation: 587 ft
Min elevation: 501 ft
Total climbing: 95 ft
Total descent: -160 ft

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