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Stage 105 – Chebaksa to Shali

Stage 105 continues the long journey around the city of Kazan. The M7 Volga highway, which head south east for this stage, takes a wide berth around the city, effectively creating an outer ring road.

The rollout from Chebaska is steeply uphill and it continues in that vein for the first two miles, cresting just before the intersection where the main road from Chebaska joins the highway. That’s followed by four miles of undulating lumpiness to Promsvyaz’montah where there’s a steep but short descent before the road crosses the Noksa river at Bogordskoye at nine miles.

Inevitably, cycling away from water means going uphill and that’s precisely what happens here. There’s a sharp three mile climb up to Niva where a long six mile descent begins: that’s a chance to relax your legs before the highway crosses a tributary of the the Kuybyshevskkoye reservoir once more, just after Kulayekskoye at seventeen miles.

Now it’s time to get your climbing legs on because the last six miles are all uphill. The climb begins just as you enter the long right hander before Shalinskoye, and as the road straightens out, you can see the highway heading upwards into the distance. There’s one more left hander to take after the intersection with the main road from Maloyelginskoye to the south, then it’s time to keep piling on the pain as the M7 becomes a dual carriageway for a short period as it approaches the finish by the junction to Neptun.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 984 feet / 300 metres

RGT Magic Road: DRUCjGdU3rdg

Total distance: 24.01 mi
Max elevation: 692 ft
Min elevation: 235 ft
Total climbing: 984 ft
Total descent: -769 ft

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