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Stage 101 – Abashevskoye to Andreevo-Bazarskoye

If you like pain, then this is the stage you’ve been waiting for. The end of stage 100 had a nasty wee climb at the finish: it went out to 7% at one point. Stage 101 starts off where stage 100 left off: the first two miles present you with a two hundred foot climb that will have your legs screaming straight out of the pen.

That brutal rollout from Abashevskoye takes you up past Baysubakovo to Dubrava where the first climb tops out. Then, as the route passes over a number of rivers, the M7 highways continually climbs then drops back down, again and again and again. There’s very little let up in the steeply undulating nature of the road until Opytnoye at eleven miles.

But the road out of Opytnoye is not your friend: the next mile and a half rises over three hundred feet, and by the time that climb tops out just west of Topnery, you’ve been climbing non-stop for over three miles, and have gained three hundred and fifty feet in the process.

There’s then a brief bit of respite as the road dives back down to Chinchkasinskoye where it crosses the river Anish, but that’s merely the precursor to more pain as another steep climb takes you up to Chirichkasy at eighteen miles. And still you’re not done with the climbing because after the road drops down to cross more water at Dinamo at nineteen miles, you’re left with an undulating five mile hike to the finish at Andreevo-Bazarskoye.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 1181 feet / 360 metres

RGT Magic Road: NVbLpUzA5nTZ

Total distance: 24.04 mi
Max elevation: 695 ft
Min elevation: 325 ft
Total climbing: 1177 ft
Total descent: -1094 ft

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