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Stage 100 – Kalaikasy to Abashevskoye

When the ascent on a stage is higher than the average to date, but less than four out of the previous five stages, you know you’ve been working hard. Stage 100 offers a tiny bit of respite ahead of the beast that is stage 101.

It’s an interesting stage, this one, because it potters along at around 700ft above sea level before diving sharply downhill for five miles leading to the finish line. However the final assault on the line should serve as a reminder for what lies in store at the start of the next stage: the final half a mile on this stage is anything but pleasant.

The rollout from Kalaikasy runs straight for a couple of miles before hanging a long right which is reciprocated by a long left in order to resume the original north east trajectory. However after passing by Shobashkarkasy at five miles, the route deviates off the M7, instead taking a shorter route to Krikakasy via Salabaykasy and Ongapos.

The route rejoins the M7 at Krikakasy at nine miles and thereafter begins an undulating, meandering journey up and down with long straights interspersed with bends, all the way to Lapsarskoye at fifteen miles. By the time the road reaches Kugesi, having merged with the road from Cheboksary on the reservoir of the same name, the long descent is underway.

The route passes the junction of the P176 to Novocheboksarsk at twenty miles, then passes through Sirmaposinskoye and Abashevskoye in quick succession. The elevation bottoms out as the highway crosses the Ryshka river before the run in to the finish kickstarts the climb that runs on into stage 101.

Distance: 24 miles / 38 kilometres

Ascent: 633 feet / 193 metres

RGT Magic Road: w3T0aaaqFncc

Total distance: 23.99 mi
Max elevation: 790 ft
Min elevation: 400 ft
Total climbing: 633 ft
Total descent: -925 ft

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