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Stage 1 – Paris to Survilliers

Twenty miles, nearly all of it uphill, starting from the ‘wrong’ side of the Arc De Triomphe, which means a trip round the big roundabout on the cobbles, hoping not to get sideswiped by a bot inside the first mile. Of course I jest because although that’s the danger in real life, on RGT it’s just a magic road with as many or as few bots as you fancy noising you up for the next hour and a bit.

The route leaves Paris tacking north east through the suburbs of La Villette, Le Bourget, past the airport of the same name, and through Louvres as Around The World bids au revoir to the French capital for a couple of years.

After nipping around the Arc, the rollout heads east/north east along the Avenue de Friedland before hanging a gentle right onto the Boulevard Haussmann after half a mile. The route then snakes gently left and right as it climbs up through the districts of 8th Arrondissement, Quartier Saint Georges, 9th Arrondissement, Faubourg Poissoniere and the 10th Arrondissement before hanging a more significant left onto the Avenue de Flandre after three miles.

Now heading properly north east, the route passes by Pantin on the right, followed by Aubervilliers and La Courneuve on the left before arriving at Paris le Bourget Airport on the left at nine miles. It’s sister airport, Charles De Gaulle International Airport, is on the right five miles later, after which the D317 highway crosses the main N104 La Francilienne autoroute before continuing the long climb into Louvres at sixteen miles and Puiseux en France at seventeen miles. The road then hangs a gentle left at nineteen miles where the climb peaks at the highest elevation on the stage ahead of a straight final half a mile which is gently downhill to the finish at the junction with the D922 at Survilliers.

Distance: 21 miles / 34 kilometres

Ascent: 722 feet / 220 metres

RGT Magic Road: 3oxnADegtGOU

Total distance: 20.23 mi
Max elevation: 1082 ft
Min elevation: 430 ft
Total climbing: 707 ft
Total descent: -77 ft

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