Stage 6 – Englefontaine (France) to Binche (Belgium)

Englefontaine to Binche ,the last stage in France until #ATWI800D emerges from Spain seven hundred stages from now.

The main feature, speedwise, is a sharp descent just after seven miles but the bonus is short lived because much of what remains is uphill.

The border crossing into Belgium is a mile after Bavay, after which the road is straight and undulating all the way to the finish a mile short of Binche.

Stage 6 offers 24.9 miles and 541ft of climbing.

RGT Magic Road code: hqvkgF3M3f4o

Total distance: 40219 m
Max elevation: 180 m
Min elevation: 28 m
Total climbing: 181 m
Total descent: -273 m

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