Stage 2 – Pontarme to Compiegne

Stage 2 Pontarme to Compiegne kicks off in the picturesque town of Pontarme, just a few miles north of Charles De Gaulle airport and the town of Louvres.

The road heads north east through Senlis before crossing the main A1 and the railway line to Lille. The road takes a bit of a dogleg as it approaches Verberie before heading out of town on the Avenue Rene et Pierre Firmin. We run close by the water features at the Park Nautic de Verberie before cutting through the forest to Lacroix-Saint Ouen. We shoot round the outskirts of Compiegne before finishing the stage at the Aerodrome.

The distance on the stage is 24.9 miles which includes 430ft of climbing.

RGT Magic Road code: vcSlQvinKyVi

Total distance: 39588 m
Max elevation: 231 m
Min elevation: 160 m
Total climbing: 125 m
Total descent: -114 m

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