Stage 10 – Beringen to Bree

Beringen to Bree if you like hills and a wee bit of suffering, then this stage is for you. It’s an uphill slog most of the way with a wee bit of respite just before halfway. If you ride it with bots and they have the same amount of power as you, then you’re in for a tough time in the saddle: they’ll try to destroy you..

The route heads due north out of Beringen before turning east (towards the border with the Netherlands) at the quarter distance mark. Remember to wave your passport at the goats as you pass by the border.

Magic Road code: pYbnt6CVvSB4

Total distance: 35237 m
Max elevation: 84 m
Min elevation: -30 m
Total climbing: 279 m
Total descent: -183 m

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