Stage 1 – Paris to Pontarme

Day one, stage one Paris to Pontarme and as always with these endurance adventures, a chance to feel the trepidation of what lies ahead.

25 miles, nearly all of it uphill, starting from the ‘wrong’ side of the Arc De Triomphe, which means a trip round the big roundabout on the cobbles, hoping not to get sideswiped by a bot inside the first mile. Of course I jest because although that’s the danger in real life, on RGT it’s just a magic road with as many or as few bots as you fancy noising you up for the next hour and a bit.

We’re leaving Paris to the north east, heading out through the suburbs of La Villette, Le Bourget, past the airport of the same name, and through Louvres as we bid au revoir to the big city for a couple of years.

We’re off and running: cannae turn back now.

The distance on the stage is 24.9 miles which includes 758ft of climbing.

Paris to Pontarme

RGT Magic Road code: xMfhljuyo1PO

Total distance: 40052 m
Max elevation: 222 m
Min elevation: 23 m
Total climbing: 213 m
Total descent: -40 m

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