Wee Oscar

wee oscar knox
Wee Oscar

Oscar is a magic road in honour of Oscar Knox, a wee five year old boy from Belfast who touched hearts: thousands and thousands of them. Oscar lost his battle with neuroblastoma on May 8th 2014.

Oscar was a boy’s boy. He was a man’s boy. He was a mammy’s boy. In fact, he was just about everybody’s favourite boy.

From appearing with the First Minister and the Deputy First Minister in the Parliament buildings in Belfast, to having his very own boxing promotion, and indeed the first ever, at Belfast City Hall in 2013, to being a mascot at a Champions League qualifier at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Wee Oscar moved mountains and brought communities together. This iconic magic road located over Celtic Park is a virtual monument to the wee man.

Oscar’s magic road is also the first that we have built with layered roads: one road riding directly over another going in the same direction. As you ride the road, try to imagine how each letter has been designed to showcase Oscar’s mischievous but infectious personality. It’s an absolute tease of a challenge!

So take yourself across to RGT Cycling and import the magic road code into your personal library then challenge yourself.

RGT Magic Road code: EgBwrVJoR8fM

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